Birthday Schmurfday

I’ve never been one to make a fuss and go big on my birthday. I have no expectations of gifts and surprises. However, i am always being spoiled utterly rotten by loved ones. I feel that my presence on earth and being with my loved ones, having what I need and what I want is the biggest gift anyone can ask for.

Being blessed with having my mother in my life is an extra bonus. Birthdays is so much more than gifts and cake, it is a day to reflect…on this very day, many years ago my mother, my rock, my pillar of strength birthed me. She suffered immense pain and difficulty bringing me into this world. May Allah bestow His choicest blessings upon her and grant her all that is good. On this day, many years ago, I was given the gift of life that I so often take for granted amongst other things.

We are always on a journey and we are always learning new things, and I have come to learn that a birthday is not just a birthday. It is indeed a day of celebration. Celebrating life and being thankful to Allah swt for giving us the gift of life. For blessing us with caring, good hearted friends and family. I am overwhelmed with all of the beautiful duahs (prayers) that were made for me today, May the Almighty accept each and every good duah.

Guys, remember…make duah for your mother on your birthday. As it is because of her that you are here today Alhamdulillah.

Until next time…

Love Fatima


It’s all about finding the balance

So I’m trying to the best of my ability to practise a healthy, yet balanced lifestyle and I tell you it is not easy. It takes much self motivation and dedication.

Yes, we all know consistency is key, but to practise self discipline in order to be consistent can become quite challenging… I’m slowly changing my day to day eating habits. I try not to consume starch and I’ve cut down on sugar. I have two or three cups of coffee for the week, which is quite a big deal for me because I have a soft spot for good coffee…I am cutting down, not cutting out (yet) 🙂

I take the stairs up and down at work (6 flights) and I try doing an 8-10 min workout when I get home…depends on energy levels. However I do find that I feel more energised after a good workout.

Fast forward to the weekend! I love that on a weekend there is a bit more flexibility and we are not routine-stricken. I can split my time so that I get to spend quality time with my children and hubby and also with my mum and sister. Saturdays is about taking the kids to the park or the beach and Sunday mornings we try to fit in some girly time so mum, sis and I will take a brisk walk somewhere and then do a healthy breakfast together and have a good catch up session.

And as I continue on this journey that i find myself on, I’ve also become more aware that my body and soul has been gifted to me as an amaanat (something I have been entrusted with) from Allah and it is my responsibility to take care of it to the best of my ability. And as I feed my body with good food and cleanse it with water, I also need to feed my heart and cleanse my soul with the remembrance of my creator.

Until next time