What motivates you?

Our quarterly meeting at work yesterday was opened with a talk presented by one of our colleagues. And the focus was on “motivation”. What motivates you? How do we as individuals stay motivated? Some people say that getting paid every month motivates them but what happens after pay day??? Or what if pay day comes late? Are we going to go in depression???

he said that the only person that can motivate you is YOU. Because it starts from within, it starts with mindsets, goals and attitudes toward ourselves and others…and this got me thinking…
I have goals…i want things…i want to achieve things…but it will only happen if i believe in myself and self-motivate. So what keeps me motivated?
My kids. More specifically, my ADHD daughter. She motivates me in that despite her battles with this so-called “disorder”, she has a radiance to her. She might not be the most popular kid on the block, but she’s got a good circle of friends. She might not be a maths boffin but she draws magnificent pictures. She might not be the most sociable child but she plays the guitar beautifully and has a pretty cool voice. And THAT motivates ME. It motivates me in that i might not be good at everything that my job entails, but there are some things that i do exceptionally well at. I might not look or sound like the most organized mum, but if my inattentive, hyperactive, impulsive kid is capable of the above, then i must be doing something right…and that right there is my motivation.
If we are going to wait on motivation to come to us, then guys we are on the wrong side of the fence…
Just thought I’d share this with you all.
All my love

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