Count your blessings

In Cape Town there seems to be few support groups for ADHD sufferers or parents of ADHD children. I find that to be quite disappointing, as i one is then forced to rely on the internet. My 8 year old daughter Raziah was diagnosed in August of 2015 and since then and way before the diagnosis even, it’s been a rollercoaster ride for us with endless challenges.

Emotions all over the place…eveything is in extreme quantities. Overly happy or Overly, sobbingly sad. Overly Angry or overly gentle. But beyond all of this it saddens me that she is not able to always be in the driver’s seat of her emotions and that as frustrating and tiring as it is for myself and hubby, we try to bear in mind that it is also tiring and frustrating for her.

We are so blessed to have her in our lives. She’s such a bright spark at school and madressah, she produces outstanding results and makes us proud, which is the reason we decided to stop the medication as she does not have any learning difficulties alhamdulilaah.

However, life outside of school is challenging for both her and us. The mood swings are never-ending…you never know if it’s okay to hold her, smile at her, speak to her…you just never know. But as we learn more and more about the disorder, we understand that it is as frustrating for her as it is for us. We’re trying to understand how her overactive mind works and we apply a different approach with her as opposed to our son. We tackle each day as it comes. We do not speak ahead of time, even though we try to plan ahead.

Not every day is rosy, believe me, most of our mornings start of with a bang! But things have become a bit less complexed. I’ve learnt that at the end of the day, we are all uniquely created and the sooner we realise this and accept this, the better. We learn to be more tolerant and respectful toward each other and love each other for who we are. We embrace the good with the bad, and we speak and act consciously.

This week has been a good one thus far alhamdulilaah, I’m embracing it whole heartedly and enjoying every moment with both of our kids.

Remember, kids are little blessings from Allah swt and we should rear them to the best of our ability.

Share some of your experiences and tips with me!
Until next time In Shaa Allah…