One-on-one time

I didn’t get to spend the entire holiday with Raziah but i was off with her on Monday, being the last day of holiday. So our day started with taking Ubayd to school (i did consider keeping him home but that would defeat the purpose of spending alone time with Raziah), then we treated ourselves to breakfast and thereafter spent about an hour or so at the local library and then headed back home.

I love spending girly time with Raziah, i feel it is vital for both of us. So we’ll do breakfast or go to the shops or like Monday when we got home, we sat in the same space reading our own books. No speaking, just reading, yet this quiet “activity” was so satisfying for both of us. Even if it’s not for long, just to get some alone time with her.
Being the older and more understanding child, i like to bring myself down to her level and give her that individual attention. We sometimes have lengthy conversations about her friends and what’s happening at school, what interests her lately etc. It is important to know what is happening in their lives as we become so easily consumed in our own lives with work and other things, that we forget to tap in with our kids and find out what’s in vogue in their lives.
The fact that there is a 5 year gap between Raziah and Ubayd, sometimes makes for challenging parenting as they do not share the same interests, watch the same TV shows, play the same games and so on (anyone who has two or more kids with a big age gap, could probably share my sentiments). So I end up playing referee most of the time.
Ubayd is only 5, so he doesn’t have much going on yet, for now he’s all about play and Paw Patrol lol. So his one-on-one sessions consist mostly of playtime at the park with daddy. However, when he speaks, we must be sure to listen attentively as he can tell by body language whether or not we are taking in what he is saying.
By default, Ubayd gets more attention because he is the younger sibling and requires more of our time because of obvious needs. But even though Raziah is older and more responsible (most times), she too is still a child and requires one-on-one attention.Spending one-on-one time with our kids gives them reassurance that we care and take an interest in their lives, and it is important in order for us to be able to perpetuate that openness and keep that line of communication transparent between parent and kid.

Let me know in the comments how you enjoy spending one-on-one time with your precious gems!


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