This one’s for my Hijabi Sisters

I feel so blessed to have received two beautiful viscose hijabs from Hidden Pearls all the way in the UK! You know us Cape Town girls are used to Gatesville and the like…every other girl is wearing one of those nautical printed hijabs lol. So I get so excited when I receive good quality ones from other countries ♥

The quality of these hijabs is so strong, both are beautifully rich in colour and the texture is so soft. I like their size as they cover up neatly as opposed to some hijabs which are too narrow and can become a struggle to cover up and stay in place. They are versatile in that they can be dressed casually with denims or for a more formal occasion. Check out their online store where they have a wide variety, from casual ones to sparkly evening wear ones.

Guys the delivery came with a card which had a personalized note at the back! That is so awesome (how’s that for going the extra mile!), it makes one feel that your parcel is handled with utmost care and attention and that you, as the customer is appreciated.



The colours of these hijabs were spot on, exactly the same colour as advertised on their website which is impressive because a lot of the time I’d find that one orders an item online but when you receive the actual item, what was supposed to be crimson is now red (as a result of poor quality pictures), however it is the exact same name as the one you ordered online?!

Some hijabs just look better once you wear them –exactly the same as when you shop for clothing… I liked the colour (Mauve) of the tassel hijab but didn’t quite know what I would wear it with. I decided to try it on with a maroon jersey and just there and then I fell inlove with this hijab. It is officially my favourite for now. The Moroccan border on the deep red hijab is so chic, I just love the look of it.


These two hijabs were sponsored however I am planning on ordering more very soon! 🙂 Guys please go check out Hidden Pearls online shop here. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

All the best for the remaining days of Ramadaan ♥

Until next time…


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