Mommy’s heart beats for you

Today was special…

Just 5 minutes out of the entire day made it that special. I let the kids listen to my heartbeat…πŸ’“

Would you believe if I told you how this small act illuminated their faces as well as mine. They had broad smiles after I gently pressed their ears, one by one, against my chest…the funny thing is, neither of them knew that the other child also got a chance to hear mommys heartbeat, yet their reactions were exactly the same.

I first went to Ubayd and said to him “come listen to mommy’s heart beat for you”. Then gently pressed his one ear against my chest and closed his other ear so that he hears nothing but my heartbeat. He smiled with much excitement and then said “just wait there mommy”. Then he ran 3 laps up and down the room and said to me “now come listen to mine beat faster”.

Then I went to Raziah and did the exact same thing. Her reaction was exactly the same as Ubayds. She ran up and down the stairs a couple of times and then told me “listen to my heart beating fast and loud”.

Subhanallah at that moment I felt so proud to be their mother.

This moment for me was so special and meant something so deep. It made them feel that they matter, because mommy’s heart beats for them.

It reminded me that I was hand-picked by Allah to mother these precious children. It reminded me that I am special to them and that they depend on me with their entire being. It reminded me that I serve a purpose, that I am unique, and that my heart is still beating because Allah has a plan for me.


All my love


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