Positive Affirmations and Melodies

I recently attended a workshop called “Reclaim your true self” which focused on self-healing by method of conscious breathing techniques and positive affirmations.

I enjoyed this class so much. I think I discovered the “therapist in me” lol. We all have a therapeutic quality within us. It is a quality that sometimes someone else sees but you are not aware of.

It happened so, that everyone in the room was to stand up from their chair and go and sit next to a random person. Nothing happens by chance. So I ended up next to this beautiful soul Roshan, who is such a humble and soft-hearted woman but at the same time she possessed so much strength. She was not aware of the inspiring effect she had on me.

We had to share our most painful experiences and our most proud moments, and listening to her stories was truly inspirational and reminded me of how grateful I should be for all the blessings that have been showered upon me despite the hardships. There is always someone facing a bigger challenge than I am. At the end she told me that I speak confidently and proudly, something which I was not aware of, but felt good to hear and hopefully I inspired her in some way. I always thought myself to be anti-social and awkward when speaking to people outside of my circle.

The one speaker focused for a little bit on how sound has soothing effects and can put one in a relaxed state of mind. She used an example of the melodious sound of a qāriʾ (someone who recites the Qur’an with correct pronunciation & melodiously). I can attest that listening to the recitation of a qāriʾ when driving, cooking or at any given time, indeed puts one in a state of relaxation, it triggers the heart and soul.

One of the speakers, Ebrahim Mongratie focused on breathing and affirmations. He has written an amazing book called “An enlightened path to self-discovery”. Do yourself a favour and get a copy of this motivational book.

Image result for ebrahim mongratie an enlightened path to self-discovery

So we focused on how one can use positive affirmations to self-heal. We do not realize that everything we do and say to ourselves is an affirmation, and most of the time we are consumed in negative affirmations. I have a bad habit of saying “I’m so stupid” when I’ve erred. This unconsciously has an effect on the subconscious mind in that it sits there and unknowingly it breaks down ones self-confidence. Whereas if I say “I’ve made an honest mistake” I affirm that I have erred but that it was just that…an err, so as to not attack myself and be hard on myself.

One of the affirmations that I really love, that was shared at the workshop is saying to one’s self “I am a unique woman and I am valuable”. The more I say this and the more I listen and take in what I am saying, I feel happy, I feel content with who I am and where I am. I think of all the things I am…a wife, a mother, a sister a daughter and how I add value to the lives of my husband, children, parents and sibling.

Another one was “I love myself more and more each day”. One can look at affirmations from various perspectives, the effect that it has on you depends on how you choose to interpret what you are saying to yourself. If I love myself first, I put my well-being first and in this way, I can filter that love and positive energy through to my children, spouse and everyone else around me.

I find that the following affirmations have a positive effect on me as well. Feel free to use them on yourself. Place your right hand on your heart, feel your heartbeat, lift your left hand, palm facing forward (i learnt this at the workshop too) and say to yourself:

Share some of your affirmations with me in the comments section ♥

Love & Light



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